Happy New Knee : part two

I returned to work on Thursday March 12th. I worked 11 am to 8:19 pm. It was great to be welcomed back by so many people: co-workers and managers and customers, many of whom told me, “I wondered what happened to you.” All day people came up to me and asked, “How is your knee?” It was great to not need a knee brace and, in truth, every part of my body was sore except my new knee. It was pretty hilarious. I felt most of the pain after I took my shower Thursday night. Then I realized I felt as though I was beaten. Then I thought, holy crap, am I am going to be able to work my 11-8 shift tomorrow?

I worked most of it: 11:39 am to 7:57 pm. I called and spoke with, Jackie, my manager and told her I was too sore to get in at 11. She explained how Coronavirus slammed the store was but, she understood. At this point, my schedule is not in the computer I have to override my shifts at clock-in at the timeclock by keying in what manager is allowing me to work when I am not scheduled. So, I won’t gain any “occurrences,” for calling out or leaving early. This will change once my schedule becomes electronic again.

Today I had off. I’m glad to have a little rest before I return to another 11-8 shift tomorrow. Sunday is always our busiest day of the week. I usually like working Sundays because I thrive on slammed. As long as I get little breaks from long lines of carts to pee, I’m happy. With this COVID-19 virus craziness, it will probably feel like Christmas. Figures. I thought by starting my leave on December 20th, I would avoid most of the Christmas rudeness. It’s my karma! Yay! At least I feel about 89% not sore. The most pain I’m experiencing is from the two paper cuts I gave myself on each of my two first days back.

I have my local news on as I write this and I just learned that Walmart is going to be closing stores at 11 pm, for now. That shouldn’t affect me. I never work overnights and not even a naked thirty-year-old Robert Plant would get me to work overnights. ANYWHERE. I do have standards.

I’m going to pause this entry here because I want to get some decent sleep before I go to work tomorrow. My roommate and I are working the same shift so, she is driving us. Monday, the 16th, we both work 11-8 again and I am driving us.

More of the knee saga later.


This is where the nurses stuck my IV. When I woke up I thought it was kind of humorous that the tape (or whatever that is) resembles the glyph for the seventh sign of the zodiac: Libra. My ex-husband is a Libra. Hmm, not sure if that means anything, LOL. 12/30/2019. AdventHealth Hospital Altamonte Springs, Florida.

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