Update to Updates

I’m typing this on my replacement computer. My roommate got a new computer with her student loan money and she gave me her 0ne year old HP Notebook. This is my first time using it. So, I’m exploring.My old computer is an ancient Compaq; it was overdue to be replaced.
I finally got the chance to talk to my bosses switching my availability so I am not working past 7pm. Basically, they can’t really help me because the, “computer makes the schedule.” Although, they did tell me I was, “a wonderful associate,” and that they want to keep me. But, Walmart is going through a lot of  structural changes and everything is in flux. I did feel better unloading on them and explaining my misery with the night shifts, I am stuck with uncertainty and the fear that if I limit my availability I will get significantly fewer hours.
I think I don’t care. I AM miserable working nights. Living in misery is will only help me attract more misery. I want a writing schedule. I’m going to submit my availability change and continue looking for ways to make a living online. It takes three weeks to go into affect so, I have a little time.  Besides, it might be time to move on anyway.
I did some more reading on my check engine light situation and am convinced it is a gas cap issue. I do smell gas in the area of the cap and the warning to check the gas cap comes on. I think I am going to buy a GM gas cap. It will be a little more expensive but, I think it will fix the problem. 20190626_192156
This is my bookshelf. I want to earn a living playing with words.

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