Well, Hello there

Holy crap, I haven’t posted anything since July 11?  Yeah, it sucks working a soul-destroying job that I am still grateful for because it is income. I’m not going to continue to whine; I am going to continue to write this.

I so want to be able to sit in front of my computer and write all day but, bills don’t go away 0f their own volition. Dern.

To my credit, I did request and receive off six consecutive days beginning Friday August 23rd. I requested the time to write, rest my knee and set up an online account to sell stuff. On Thursday the 22nd I arrived home to hear from my roommate that the internet connection was broken. It’s her account so she had to make the calls, which she did. She got an appointment with an AT&T tech for that Saturday. I could live with that.

He was supposed to be at our apartment between 8:30 and 9:30. He didn’t. I was livid. She called AT&T again. She was told that the tech sent her text messages that he was overbooked. How do you get overbooked for an 8:30 a.m. appointment? Isn’t that time of day one of the first few appointments one would have that day? So, wouldn’t the tech cut LATER appointments? My roommate, Rose, never received any texts and she found out why. The tech sent them to her old number. When she originally called AT&T she gave them her new number TWICE. I was sitting right there across the coffee table from her. I became even more livid and even more so when she was told the next available appointment was for A WEEK LATER. This is why I dumped AT&T about eight years ago.

He did show up and this is his handiwork. He did this a week ago. Seriously.

20190906_175213This is the fiber optic cable running in front of my gate.




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