Well, I’ve never done THAT before

I just created and posted my own Go Fund Me page. I really have no choice. I’ve pretty much been carless for almost six months. I am blessed to have amazing people in my life who have been my taxi drivers. Well, that’s not exactly true; almost none of them will take money. I am grateful to them all.

My retail job supplies me with no savings. Even if I got a car at one of those zero dollar down places, I could afford payments of ten bucks a month. Something has to give. One of those things is my pride, I guess.

I have ideas for some online businesses but, I need some start-up money. In the meantime I’m going to find some survey sites to work on my days off. I have read a couple of articles on some good, legitimate ones I am going to try out. Anything will help.

I have to do something because the Publisher’s Clearing House Prize Patrol, apparently, keeps losing directions to my home and that damn Florida Lottery Flamingo is really fickle-and picky.

At least that mini chocolate bundt cake is helping my mood.floridatampancnbbuilddwntwnlate1980s918

When I took this photo in Tampa in about 1989 it was officially known as the NCNB Building. But, that bank got bought out. I am unsure of what its real name is now, however, I think locals still reference its tall phallic shape by calling it The Giant Penis. Before I moved to Oregon I had money in that bank. If only I still had some hiding out there.

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