Ok, bear with me

I got good news from WordPress. I’m going to try and get my site restarted later. I got this email the other day and I was going to fix it yesterday, but I was so exhausted. I was informed yesterday that my doctor wants me to have another sleep study.

I started to think my exhaustion wasn’t totally stress and that maybe my CPAP machine needed to be re-calibrated. I called my primary doctor and she decided that since it’s been over five years since my last one, she wants me to do another. This one may be done at home. That’s awesome in that I might sleep longer, but I’m worried I might put the electrodes on the wrong spots. Without my CPAP machine, I stop breathing (apneas) about 98 times an hour. Right now, I feel like I’m having at least 50 apneas an hour. lol. Seriously, I’m significantly more exhausted.

So, later I’m going to work on the blog site issue.

I think WordPress is being passive-aggressive, though. Starting yesterday I began getting email notifications about EVERY blog I follow on WP. That’s at least thirty. It’s kind of hilarious. Are they repaying me for bothering them with my issue? Im kidding, but it is weird. I never turned on those notifications. I signed up for one of my follows-a foodie. S/he and the three buddies seem to be on a vacay for now, cause I haven’t received any notifications from them.

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