I love roses 🌹

I wish I could claim credit for these photos. I borrowed them from the internet.

I wish I could be in Portland at the International Rose Test Gardens in Washington Park so I could take my own photos of the beautiful flowers there and gaze east toward Mt. Hood.

After the gardens I could hit one of the, at least, 50 microbrews for some excellent stout or porter, or go to one of the 900 coffee shops for a different kind of amazing brew.

Rose Test Gardens, Washington Park, Portland, Oregon
Rose Test Gardens and Mt. Hood in the background. Portland, Oregon.

I want to go on a road trip so bad. If I had the money and the car I want (VW Tiguan or Taos), the Pacific Northwest is where I’d head, with stops on Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Northern California.

For now, I’d be thrilled with money to pay rent and other bills and a car that was functional or not totaled,

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