Post-op appointment

Should I jump to the punchline?

Should I talk about how I stayed up way too late, woke up starving and too late to eat real food before my 2 pm appointment?

Did I also mention that by sleeping as late as I did, I left the cream on my girlie parts an hour and a half longer than I should have? Yeah, that’s not recommended.

Should I tell you about the nightmare I had that jolted me awake? I dreamt I was five months pregnant-at my current age.

The dad was some amalgamation of several men I know or I dated or wanted to date. I think his appearance kept changing but, I can’t grasp a still image in my mind. I think he was a blonde, though.

Yeah, I won’t be needing an IUD anytime soon. Lol. Those things always gave me the creeps anyway. I was a pill/diaphragm kind of a woman. Anyone recall the, “sponge-worthy,” episode of Seinfeld back in the 90’s? It was hilarious.

I guess it’s an appropriate kind of dream if one is about to visit her gynecologist to get biopsy results of a procedure that occurred the previous week.

You might even guess from my whimsy that the results were good.

You would be right.

No cancer.

Oh, thank you God! I am relieved and might even sleep better tonight.

I don’t have to see Dr.Bernal for a whole year.

Unless, I start spotting again in a month or so, then I need to call for an appointment. Bleeding and pain for up to two weeks after a D&C is normal. The pain I’m having now is definitely different. For starters it’s in a different place. It’s further south. The back pain isn’t there unless I work. That’s usually accompanied by a pain in the ass.

I just need to keep an eye on the pre-cancer on my vulva and watch the colon. I’m due for another colonoscopy in July. Dr. Gidday’s scheduler is supposed to be calling to set that up. The polyps there were benign but, they were large.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my annoyingly adorable (he’s married; what a shame. Lol) orthopedic surgeon. I’m going to ask about the right knee. Sometimes it seems to want to retire but, mostly, it doesn’t bother me.

The left knee is not even a worry, unless the X-Ray reveals otherwise. I doubt that will be the case.

Driving home from Dr. Bernal’s

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