Monday’s lunch

I’m sick sandwiches.

I decided to go a little healthier today. Hmm, hummus on boiled eggs is pretty tasty. Of course, I could probably eat cow patties lathered in hummus. I love that stuff. Hummus not, cow patties but, I do love cows. I love everything you can do to garbanzo beans, except, maybe, put them in ketchup. Ketchup has no business existing. It’s an abomination.

I’m starving. I started work at 8:30. I work till 3:30 and my lunch was until 1:30. My head cashier got her at 7 and her lunch wasn’t until 1. It was just me and her until noon. No 15 minute breaks. It’s ridiculous.

I’ve begun contemplating moving on from here. I’ve got a lot on my plate already so, I have to make some plans and figure out what I want to do until I can find paying writing work.

Have to fly back to the time clock. More later.

UPDATE: it’s 7:57 pm. I’ve been home for hours now. I had my shower and saw the videos of the tiger that was loose in Houston. It turned out that it was near where Rose, my roommate, grew up. People have no business having these exotic animals as, “pets.” I kind of hope the tiger eats his keeper but, then the animal would be euthanized.

Back to lunch: one of the other things I hate about short meal breaks is that it gives me no time to really write and then I realize I have to do a ton of editing.

I’m so glad my doctor’s appointment isn’t until after 2 pm tomorrow.

I’m pooped but, about to make my salad for dinner. I got beets. I know Chelle is jealous.

Aww, Chelle, your name rhymes with Aunt Nellie. ❤️She’s actually a very adventurous good eater-and cook. We just have philosophical differences concerning beets.

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