Oh Happy happy birthday

Me, a few years ago. Taken by my daddy with his Polaroid camera in Willingboro, NJ.

At 8:55 am I officially turned a year older. Reaching this age is a privilege and a shock. I turned sixty-one. I’m lucky I don’t feel it or, apparently, look it. I know I don’t act it. I rang up this guy I had to card for alcohol last night. He moaned about being old. He was thirty-six. I laughed, “Ha, you know how old I’m turning tomorrow? Sixty-one!” I saw his eyes widen over his mask and he replied, “Oh my God, I would have guessed forty-five.” “Actually, people guess that age for me a lot. I’m not complaining. I’m lucky.”

This all begged the question, “If he thinks his thirty-six is old, he must think my forty-five is old, right?” Hmm.

Anyway, I just ate fajitas from Chili’s. My roommate ordered us my birthday dinner. I really can’t wait to be able to go to a a crowded laugh-filled restaurant and enjoy a relaxing meal.

I know we are so exhausted and depressed by the persistence of this pandemic. It’s fucked up so much, including, most-likely, my love life. I’m trying not to be depressed about that. I’m also trying not to be anxious about my four diagnostic procedures. I’m drinking wine instead of taking my anti-anxiety pill. I will take one before I go to bed. I’m just having one glass of vino.

I had to go to Publix to get antihistamines a new toothbrush and I got myself a treat.

A new toothbrush and a mini Key Lime pie for my birthday. How exciting. What I seriously want is a more lucrative way of earning a living and a happy new home. An entirely improved life would be awesome. My last birthday felt so much more hopeful. The ugly coronavirus hadn’t hit the US yet. I remember when it’s existence in China first appeared in our news I thought, oh, it’s gonna land in the Pacific Northwest first. There is such a tight business connection between Asia and the PNW, I just knew Seattle or Portland would get the first victim. I was right; the first poor soul lived near Seattle. Despite the crappy year and the, thus far, extremely confusing and scary one, I keep moving forward. At least for the past 24 hours, I haven’t had any abdominal pain and that includes six hours of being at work. So, that is hopeful.

I desperately miss being in school and being around intellectual, like-minded people. I miss spending hours doing library research. Yeah, I need a heap of money for that to start up again.

Walmart, my former employer, sent me birthday greetings.

Wally World sent me my 2020 W-2’s. My gross pay is especially gross. This should decrease some of my Obamacare repay. It’s never been enough to wipe out my refund; it just decreases it.

I know I complain a lot about the heat in Florida but, I do feel horrible about all those folks having a real shitty time without heat, electricity or running water. My heart especially goes out to the people in Texas. Houstonites must have spinning heads; this is so far out of their normal weather. I pray for them.

7 thoughts on “Oh Happy happy birthday

  1. Happy birthday youngster! Don’t sweat life right now, things will get better and everything will work itself out as it always does. Enjoy your key lime pie, your wine and turning 45.

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  2. Happy birthday, Pam! I’m sorry it couldn’t have been a more exciting one for you and I’m sorry about all your health issues. But fajitas from Chili’s and key lime pie … yum-o! 🙂 Love the cute baby pic too! I’m just a week and a year behind you, turning 60 on the 28th. Thanks for the kind words about us Texans — we’re in Arlington and I wrote a post today about how crappy this week has been for our state. I hope things start to turn around for you soon. Take care…..Frank in Arlington, TX

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    1. I truly hope it gets better for you guys. I must be a shock fir so many of you used to hot steamy Texas weather. Is Arlington in the hot dry Texas or the Eastern steamy side? I do hope it gets better for you and my tests come out ok. Thank you for popping by.


      1. Thank you! Arlington’s in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, between those two cities (and we’re a city of over 350,000) and I work for The Dallas Morning News. We’re not quite in East Texas, but what’s considered North Texas. Further east than west, though, lol. But I grew up in Houston, so I know all about steamy humidity like what you’re used to! 🙂

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      2. I hope you are not too buried under ice and snow. Snow in a city like Portland is easy cause they get the perfect amount and mass transit is amazing-reliable and frequent and long running. We never lost power once even when Portland had its worst snowstorm in a decade in 1993. It was on my 33rd birthday. I’d asked for snow for my birthday. My husband kept saying, “You’re a witch. You’re a witch.” It was hilarious. Ah, I do miss Oregon.


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